MC Shaki AKA Ruthless DirtyRed has been in the rap game for over 20 years. He is the ONLY Song Writer EVER signed to Eazy-E and Ruthless Records.  He is most known for writing and recording songs with Eazy-E and members of the Ruthless Family. After the passing of Eazy-E he was called upon to bring the unreleased music of Eazy-E to the forefront in order to complete and release the last album Eazy-E would ever record (Str8 Off The Streets Of Compton). In 1996 after the passing of his mentor and close friend Eric (Eazy-E) Wright, Dirty Red would go on to write and record music with another member of N.W.A and close friend of Eazy-E, DJ Yella on the album (One mo Nigga to go). The songs were “Aint no Love” and “WestSide Story”.

Prior to that he was featured on songs with Kokane and Above The Law eventually leading him to write and record songs on Eazy-E’s (It’s on Dr Dre 187um Killa) and (Str8 off tha Streets of Muthaphukkin Compton’s) Classic diss track “Wut Would U Do”.

A Little known fact about Ruthless DirtyRed is that he wrote various Hit’s for Eazy-E including “Luv for Dem Gangstaz” and “Any Last Werdz”. Remember…”Real G’s Stay Ruthless”!


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  1. Yo Dirty Red…what up bro. Much respect to you man. I used to fuck with all the ruthless shit back in the dayz. I remember the luv 4 dem ganstaz, dr dre killa…down 2 the last roach, wht would u do, yella’s album, & shit off kokane’s funk upon a rhyme. Ya shit was tight & you really helped to hold the forte down 4 ruthless when deathrow was doing they thing. Im from new york but yall niggaz was my favorite shit. I would love to get all ya old mixtapes right after E passed as well as ya new stuff. Ya cousin Christina sent me this site from youtube. Thx 4 keeping it ruthless bro!!

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